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Version: 23.3.0

Seqera Platform changelog


23.3.0 Enterprise - 27 November 2023

  • Add support for Service Account, VPC and Subnetwork in Google Batch Advanced Settings
  • Add support for AWS Batch SPOT_PRICE_CAPACITY_OPTIMIZED allocation strategy
  • Add page size selector and pagination for the tasks table in the workflow details page
  • Add support for Fusion to EKS and GKE platform providers
  • Add support for Secrets for Google Batch and Google LS
  • Improve responsiveness for the workflow runs list page
  • Bump nf-launcher:j17-23.04.3
  • Add support for downloading and previewing bucket files through Data Explorer
  • Adds the possibility to specify a custom base href (useful in a reverse proxy scenario)
  • Fix disabled search bar after getting 0 results for a search in the workflow reports tab
  • Add download as json option for workflow run parameters
  • Decrease audit log lifespan to 90 days
  • Add support for uploading files through Data Explorer
  • Add support for Nextflow cloudcache plugin
  • Add support for navigating workflow and task work directories using Data Explorer
  • Apply new branding to UI and copy
  • Bump avatar file size limit to 200KB
  • Improve auto-suggested datalink name
  • Disable upload functionality on public Data Links
  • Fix tasks total number getting stuck after filtering
  • Previewing text files in Data Explorer now capped at 2000 lines to prevent browser from hanging
  • Enable instance types selection for dragen queue
  • Fix display of error messages in pipeline input form
  • Fix report preview dialog height
  • Adds a new attempt column to the task table
  • Deprecate Fusion V1
  • Add support for selecting pipeline input values using Data Explorer
  • Add a per workspace and global feature toggle for Data Explorer
  • Update Azure icon (Azure rebranding from May 2021)
  • Add support for custom network and subnetwork to Google Cloud Batch compute enviroment

23.3.0 Cloud - 16 October 2023

  • Feature: Add feedback form to mkdocs
  • Feature: [Data Explorer M4.2]: use Data Explorer to navigate workflow and tasks work directories
  • Feature: Do not install aws cli when fusion 2 is enabled
  • Added: Reverse proxy instructions to the docs
  • Added: Audit logs to data explorer
  • Added: Docs page about meta endpoint for firewall configuration
  • Improved: Audit logs count query by
  • Improve error message when creating private data link as public
  • Updated: Git integration page - admonition fix
  • Fixed: Do not leave search box disabled when there are no results in r…
  • Fixed: Dataset limit provides misleading result
  • Fixed: add missing https://*.$host to connect-src CSP headers
  • Fixed: Missing double quote for _JAVA_OPTIONS value
  • Fixed: Data explorer previewing Google files instead of downloading
  • Fixed: Optimization service response proxied by Tower
  • Fixed: Redisson Hibernate 2nd-level cache config
  • Fixed: Live updates broadcasting
  • Fixed: Description of wall time
  • Migrate: Several Modals to Material design MatDialog
  • Migrate WorkflowLaunchReportsComponent to use MatDialog
  • Decrease audit log lifespan for cloud
  • tw CLI note about spot allocation strategy in AWS CEs
  • task add download as json option for workflow run parameters
  • Show cloud data links without schema prefix
  • [Task] Implement pipelinesecretsprovider for Google Cloud
  • [Data Explorer M3.2] Support uploading files to bucket
  • Implement live events endpoint with WebSockets
  • Set workflow unknown refactor
  • Permission checker for pipeline launch with simple labels
  • Remove objects without name from explorer
  • Delete unused LaunchpadItemComponent
  • Add support for cloudcache
  • Creation of public AWS datalinks fails in cloud
  • Enhancements on the cloud bucket creation dialog
  • tweak: adjust dataset form buttons according to figma
  • Adjust batch locations and gcp locations list
  • Return full error message when JsonParseException
  • Hide data explorer navigation elements if it is not enabled in the workspace
  • Configuration overview updates

23.2.0 - 31 Jul 2023

  • Added: Support for Fargate for head job
  • Added: Support for Graviton architecture to AWS Batch compute environment (Cloud preview)
  • Added: Ability to rename Actions, CEs, Pipelines, and Workspaces
  • Added: support for AWS SES (simple email service) as alternative to SMTP service for sending emails
  • Added: Ability to edit the names of Tower entities:
    • Organizations
    • Workspaces
    • Compute environments
    • Pipelines
    • Actions
  • Added: Support for mobile screen layout in Runs list page
  • Allow advanced settings in the AWS ECS config field
  • Allow Launcher users to create, edit, and upload datasets
  • Fixed: AWS Batch allocation strategy: BEST_FIT_PROGRESSIVE for on-demand CEs and SPOT_CAPACITY_OPTIMIZED for spot CEs
  • Updated: Runs list page with new status badges and improved layout
  • Updated: Enable GPU label, sublabel, and add warning when activated
  • Increase the AWS Batch Memory / CPUs ratio to 4GB
  • Harmonize list sorting in Compute environments and Credentials list pages
  • Set workflow status to unknown when job status is also in an unknown state

23.1.3 - 09 Jun 2023

  • Reverted: Set BEST_FIT_PROGRESSIVE as default AWS Batch allocation strategy (#5126)
  • Fixed: Unable to view workflow details on runs page on the newest version of Chrome #5105
  • Fixed: AWS SSE setting configuration (#5067)
  • Fixed: Failing tests
  • Fixed: Mat dropdown options height (#5134)
  • Bump: nf-launcher version j17-23.04.2

23.1.0 - 28 Apr 2023

  • Added: Fusion logs download (#4385) [49eb6dbe]
  • Added: Fusion support for Google Batch (#4654) [968d9fb1]
  • Added: Missing launch option in pipeline action menu (#4441) [56313780]
  • Added: Source reference to launch entity (#4527) [bd073128]
  • Added: Support for AWS Parameters Store (#4563) [0f9f5400]
  • Added: Teams management to admin panel (#4553) [8e019921]
  • Added: Save run as pipeline (#4610) [a14e1280]
  • Added: Workspace selection in All runs page [b574db06]
  • Added: Launchpad redesign with list and cards views (#4110) [92345120]
  • Added: Ability to export dashboard data as CSV (#4463) [765931ad]
  • Added: Azure repos credentials (#4012) [f03f8a55]
  • Added: The possibility to customize the log format (#4558) [3891345c]
  • Added: Wave pairing via websockets (#4624) [cf16292e]
  • Added: Dashboard stats date filter (#4575) [86e95d3e]
  • Added: AWS_MAX_ATTEMPTS and AWS_RETRY_MODE to Batch launch environment (#4738) [e7ec2c96]
  • Allowed: S3 PutObjectTagging to instance role created by Batch Forge (#4511) [c8c8e76a]
  • Allowed: Exact match search filters (#4396) [d90acc18]
  • Allowed: To share a Tower Agent connection (#4395) [1cfaee91]
  • Allowed: The customization prefix of Batch Forge resources (#4693) [67072462]
  • Move workflow deletion audit event to service method (#4531) [9b56ad79]
  • Remove required check from "headQueue" field in grid platform providers (#4655) [782ab02d]
  • Improved: Fusion v2 support for EBS disk (#4740) [e1d280d1]
  • Improved: Config properties documentation reference (#4757) [01d08d9d]
  • Improved: Support for AWS SSM as Params store (#4824) [3e2c568d]
  • Improved: Trace service removing blocking queue (#4427) [1c788612]
  • Increase 10 min length for pwd hint (#4606) [6adaba95]
  • Deprecate Fusion v1 (#4694) [74fb5bd6]
  • Fixed: Partial failure workflow status icon shows green check (#4371) [981aeb26]
  • Fixed: Missing AWS Cloudstream logs (#4476) [3d88a618]
  • Fixed: NPE when retrieving progress usage data (#4621) [85c4836c]
  • Fixed: Bug that throws ConcurrentModificationException while cancelling tasks (#4656) [9d0eda97]
  • Fixed: Cancellation of a workflow already terminated (#4622) [d665beeb]
  • Fixed: "Row size too large" MySQL problem (#4688) [793471da]
  • Fixed: Incorrect loading of Runs page after launching a pipeline (#4530) [b297bf42]
  • Fixed: Make OAuth 2 cookies secured (#4478) [904e1e2d]
  • Fixed: Return HTTP 503 error when Redis is not available (#4605) [fa88e17d]
  • Fixed: Set name on FSx file system create by Tower (#4393) [cb631a72]
  • Fixed: Datasets page CSV viewer crashes if there is an empty column and first row as header is checked (#4489) [21275c9a]
  • Fixed: Handle unexpected error when accessing Azure repos with node creds (#4707) [6df882f0]
  • Fixed: Relaunch workflow form does not populate the CE field if initial CE was deleted (#4538) [1fc7494f]
  • Fixed: Do not show incomplete text on Launchpad for Launcher users (#4495) [1ed88626]
  • Fixed: Navigate to Pipeline detail from "Pipeline successfully saved" notification (#4774) [0420c0d8]
  • Fixed: Prevent changing launch work dir inside pipeline input form (#4408) [496827ea]
  • Fixed: Properly display default Launchpad sort option (#4492) [1e712aa3]
  • Fixed: Remove duplicate ECS config input in AWS CE form (#4423) [52d057ab]
  • Fixed: Remove secrets controls if CE does not support them (#4714) [f3137ca7]
  • Fixed: Restore Launchpad loading indicator (#4509) [9b3fbc26]
  • Fixed: Sanitize characters in job and workflow error text messages (#4712) [0e6b2b7d]
  • Fixed: Tag correctly compute environment and service role when resource (#4379) [ed96b5a6]
  • Fixed: Workflow deletion failure when has a launch record associated (#4786) [9778e579]
  • Fixed: Workflow launch form autoselects CE when workspace is shared (#4744) [9b6c5df8]
  • Bump: Version nf-launcher:j17-23.04.1 [72eaa795]
  • Bump: Micronaut to version 3.8.5 (#4324) [79c1e50c]

22.4.2 - 21 Feb 2023

  • Fixed: Issue retrieving execution logs from CloudWatch (#4476) [638513b7]
  • Fixed: Issue setting AWS CloudWatch custom log group name (#4475) [f020719c]
  • Chore: Improve cloudwatch labels (#4498) [69b790fa]
  • Bump: nf-launcher:j17-22.10.7 [a7b6fd26]

22.4.1 - 10 Feb 2023

  • Fixed: Add auto height to selectable columns (#4409) [e4f62488]
  • Fixed: Remove duplicate ECS config input in AWS CE form (#4423) [3dbb0dad]

22.4.0 - 6 Feb 2023

  • Feat: All workflow runs page (#3777) [b89ba895]
  • Feat: Refresh the dashboard data every 5 seconds (#3935) [dd65935d]
  • Feat: Support for Gitea provider (#3995) [c1640d7b]
  • Feat: Allow resume workflow in different CEs having compatible work directory (#4169) [ae782606]
  • Feat: AWS Batch ECS custom configuration [1a5faf12]
  • Feat: Wave pairing naming refactor (#4300) [c9c9dc8f]
  • Feat: Pipeline and workflow resource labels customization (#3955) [b1fa9756]
  • Added: europe-west2 location for Google Batch (#4203) [8bfda45c]
  • Added: Missing lvm2 package to be able to mount multiple NVMe disks as a single volume (#4091) [4ffba872] [80c72e1c]
  • Added: Support for custom CloudWatch logs group name (#3866) [97156c57]
  • Added: Missing sourceWorkspaceId OpenAPI parameters (#4050) [72fa1822]
  • Added: Fusion NVMe support (#3942) [9ea72cc9]
  • Added: Credentials/keys endpoint [25906e00]
  • Fixed: Prevent calling BE with undefined workspaceId (#4349) [25943dd3]
  • Fixed: Relaunch of Tower actions should preserve parameters (#4270) [2a232104]
  • Fixed: iframe for HTML reports (#4135) [bb878118]
  • Fixed: Azure CE creation fails in CI because of auto-scaling formula (#4180) [35543dd4]
  • Fixed: Replace clr running color with the proper primary one (#4222) [8e424cf5]
  • Fixed: Add explicit Authorization header as param name to security scheme in order to fix issue with wrong header in OpenAPI GUI requests (#4218) [48fdb2fa]
  • Fixed: Improve search syntax error handling (#4020) [a19ffbd5]
  • Fixed: AWS Batch kernel issue causing OOM error (#4015) [7a8c5488]
  • Fixed: Move authentication method to private app for HubSpot (#3960) [a8aa6e79]
  • Fixed: Additional joins for audit publisher entity (#3934) [23deb598]
  • Chore: gh actions workflows updates to suppress deprecation warnings (#4342) [b9bce117]
  • Chore: Implements patch gcp registry credentials to remove newlines (#4307) [aed573ff]
  • Chore: Increase pipeline/projectName limit to 200 chars (#4317) [beb79d8d]
  • Chore: Run status time enhancements (#4289) [69848871]
  • Chore: Task 2882/add validation for custom role (#4068) [86967166]
  • Chore: Increase prod labels limit to 1k [9e5cccd9]
  • Chore: Update AWS regions (#4118) [99d7f6bb]
  • Chore: Revert FSx unmount (#4177) [199eb24b]
  • Chore: When running with Gitpod, create valid AWS credentials with assume role (#4114) [7ed1491f]
  • Chore: Improve task duration stats (#4106) [4a51d956]
  • Chore: Update workflow status timing messages (#4075) [9939145b]
  • Chore: [BREAKING] remove autoinjection of roles when allowInstanceCredentials property is true (#4093) [5de61137]
  • Chore: Limit the time range selection when querying stats (#3993) [e273130d]
  • Chore: Cache restore and backup via Tower plugin (#3599) [719442fb]
  • Chore: Set BEST_FIT_PROGRESSIVE as default AWS Batch allocation strategy (#3956) [6442dcd8]
  • Test: Create Playwright e2e tests for Google Life Sciences CEs (#3899) [ba1c1254]
  • Bump: Upgrade to Java 17 (#3973) [2e915336]
  • Bump: nextflow 22.10.6 in get started page [28f44796]
  • Bump: nf-launcher:j17-22.10.6 [570658c5]
  • Bump: Upgrade backend to Micronaut 3.7 (#3876) [11203a05]

22.3.2 - 9 Feb 2022

  • nf-launcher:j17-tw-22.3-nf-22.10.6


22.3.1 - 12 Dec 2022

  • Fixed: Remove autoinjection of roles when allowInstanceCredentials property is true [BREAKING] (#4093) [1d6adc9f]
  • Fixed: AWS Batch kernel issue causing OOM error (#4015) [f59b9edd]
  • Bump: nf-launcher:j17-22.10.4 [26da757f]

22.3.0 - 4 Nov 2022

  • [BREAKING] Added: batch:TagResource to Batch instance role [dba6cb34]
  • Added: Support for Google Batch (#3532) [ba641280]
  • Added: Support for Resource Labels (#3511) [1fa2dc7e]
  • Added: Support for Resource Labels for Google Batch (#3836) [157f3cd8]
  • Added: Support for Wave + Fusion (#3713) [0f49a7cb]
  • Added: Users and orgs management to admin panel (#3659) [9fda24b6]
  • Added: Ability to expand boot EBS volume size (#3299) (#3425) [b523c5dc]
  • Added: Runs dashboard page (#3734) [35073fdb]
  • Added: Support for txt reports preview (#3862) [bba73371]
  • Added: Confirmation dialog enhancements (#3470) [bd19b70d]
  • Added: Unmount FSx lustre filesystem on Spot instance termination (#3430) [155c8a7b]
  • Added: Run detail page link to both HTML and txt email templates (#3907) [58f5ef4e]
  • Added: Allow organization owners to access all workspaces in the organization (#3703) [a0fad25f]
  • Fixed: 3423 optimization configuration not retained on relaunch (#3841) [19b4bbe4]
  • Fixed: 3654 regression optimization column in workflow list lost (#3655) [10471ade]
  • Fixed: 3769 delete confirmation message allows prompts to be bypassed without entering delete in the text box (#3770) [ba442e24]
  • Fixed: 3773 invalid unit for vol ctxt and inv ctxt at tasks table (#3774) [0e34ae0e]
  • Fixed: BitBuckerServer Git provider #3670 [c91635b0]
  • Fixed: Container registry name (#3708) [1f42959e] [9dd37809]
  • Fixed: Missing file existence check for GLS in nf-launcher [7ca43e51]
  • Fixed: Resume functionality on Google Life Sciences (#3539) [10419c93]
  • Fixed: Stalling on failing local submit (#3492) [ea82e5f4]
  • Fixed: Pre-run script errors are not displayed in the logs (#3484) [65134954]
  • Fixed: Cannot add optimization status to unknown response object (#3450) [ac1fd478]
  • Fixed: Invalid unit in the tasks table (#3714) [53399902]
  • Fixed: Resume does not work when user has launch permission (#3072) [15433b31]
  • Fixed: Unable to save status for job when a DB exception occurs (#3490) [9788ace0]
  • Fixed: Escape qstat command for Altair PBS batch scheduler (#3489) [adb2b773]
  • Fixed: Failing test due to phantom job interval on Mysql (#3537) [b4249066]
  • Fixed: Trim sub-second precision from dates (mysql compat) (#3788) [2ade7174]
  • Fixed: Disallow dashes in secret names (#3643) (#3644) [81d09056]
  • Fixed: Invalid job transition to unknown status [ci fast] [65f44fc2]
  • Fixed: Resource label input parses whole word before '=' (#3847) [12d6b09d]
  • Fixed: Admin tests race condition (#3868) [977fbff1]
  • Fixed: Gray screen when navigating back after opening a task detail (#3873) [3a04872a]
  • Fixed: Add ListWorkspaceSettings permission to admin and maintainer (#3453) [d9bae03a]
  • Fixed: Added new query for star row deletion and modified test (#3514) [459bc3e4]
  • Fixed: Broken labels input formcontrol binding (#3656) [139e633a]
  • Fixed: Broken quick-launch page layout on personal workspace (#3495) [ebd0cf11]
  • Fixed: Increase the quota limit for datasets (and dataset versions) per workspace to 100 (#3673) [818c4bf5]
  • Fixed: Bypass name checks if the label name has not changed (case-insensitive) (#3578) [293e5478]
  • Fixed: Case-insensitive search for orgs and users (#3739) [766d8056]
  • Fixed: Datasets suggestions for pipelines with schemas that expect tsv type (#3582) [1f48e0de]
  • Fixed: Disable ngx-bootstrap collapsible component animation (#3727) [a13dcecc]
  • Fixed: Highlight support nav button when in welcome page (#3798) [312f1c91]
  • Fixed: Humanize values for duration and realtime in tasks table (#3707) [30819908]
  • Fixed: Include personal workspace as possible value for last accessed workspace item in local storage (#3885) [151b708a]
  • Fixed: Inconsistent navigation to an organization when the organization name matches a resource label name [e2e] (#3685) [d045ac0c]
  • Fixed: Inherit from DataSpecification (#3745) [be04f004]
  • Fixed: Lazy load workflow details page main tabs (#3857) [8e504625]
  • Fixed: Make routing service always get routeContext from params when requested [e2e] [ci fast] [a6baca64]
  • Fixed: Check for workspace id in the endpoint URL of an action in the workspace context (#3464) [db80231f]
  • Fixed: Move credentials keys patching/removal logic into credentials component base (#3765) [4537df99]
  • Fixed: Prevent double task endpoint invocation (#3830) [49a14f6e]
  • Fixed: Prevent null reference exception on humanizeCounter formatter util (#3785) [e5810dec]
  • Fixed: Redirect to personal workspace if user is not a participant in any workspace (#3683) [21e98d3c]
  • Fixed: Redirect to the last route on login after jwt token failed to refresh (#3619) [7ec1cfe3]
  • Fixed: Remove deprecated share button (#3496) [55b47cd3]
  • Fixed: Restore inline credentials creation functionality for grid platforms (#3542) [8707a05e]
  • Fixed: Restore MOAB platform icon (#3821) [e6688528]
  • Fixed: Restore tasks table column formatters after migration to mat table [e2e] (#3787) [009f5e76]
  • Fixed: Restore vertical scroll inside inputs (#3853) [df65253c]
  • Fixed: Set resume param depending on workflow completion status [e2e] (#3572) [177a7805]
  • Fixed: Show actionable error message on unparsable config file (#3451) [3cfd96d6]
  • Fixed: Small visual bugs fixes (#3837) [ci fast] [1b0a685b]
  • Fixed: Wrong launchpad layout when pipeline names are long (#3527) [318b02b3]
  • Chore: Restore workflow reports messaging (#3802) [9640254a]
  • Chore: Bad request response when query parameters are malformed (#3649) [376def9c]
  • Tweak: Switch typing method to help prompt display (#3698) [c31b02f3]
  • Tweak: Required/optional field labels enhancement (#3544) [e7f08557]
  • Tweak: Allow path variables for grid platform launch directory field (#3883) [6ed1eba6]
  • Tweak: Apply standard glob surrounding to task list search (#3672) [d66c8740]
  • Tweak: Check that users with invalid names are not rejected when registering (#3816) [02e89664]
  • Tweak: Move repo link to repo name in workflow detail header (#3564) [44fdd0ba]
  • Tweak: Pass date filters when clicking on the run stat inside the dashboard page (#3901) [5cfda8b6]
  • Tweak: Remove confirmation input from cancel workflow prompt [5d3aca10]
  • Tweak: Remove redundant logs.length from log view (#3446) [794cbe3b]
  • Tweak: Set max length of revision field to 100 characters (#3882) [4040166c]
  • Tweak: Enable angular strict template checking (#3596) [a569e5fe]
  • Tweak: Display provider icon in credentials/CE selection dropdowns, encapsulate in icon component (#3690) [8a4c7ffd]
  • Tweak: Do not allow email using a top-level domain hostname (#3526) [0bae08ca]
  • Tweak: Email validators are out of sync (FE side) (#3778) [0d564656]
  • Tweak: Establish use of english locale globally in tower-web (#3679) [a40d0483]
  • Tweak: Customize the head node resources in the launch/relaunch form (#3448) (#3449) [42caa475]
  • Tweak: Update pages layout (#3481) [24fc32cf]
  • Tweak: Improve SSH connector resilience + UGE qstat [cbdab74d]
  • Bump: nf-launcher:j17-22.10.1 [ci fast] [bfc1ea0d]
  • Bump: Angular 14 (#3660) [130f0ffc]
  • Make stage URL config (#3700) [b7219259]
  • Open up all endpoints and parameters related to labels and resource labels (#3814) [bf9a30e8]
  • Restyling of workflow detail header (#3547) [d2024f66]
  • Update xpack urls [BREAKING] [700436e5]

22.2.4 - 2 Sept 2022

  • Fixed: BitBucketServer Git provider #3670 [3b4172b]
  • Bump the quota limit for dataset per workspace to 100 (#3673) [c8df0e6]

22.2.3 - 11 Aug 202

  • Rollback to nf-launcher:j17-22.06.1-edge [135f5d59]

22.2.2 - 8 Aug 202

  • Fixed: Resume functionality on Google Life Sciences (#3539) [5b2a50b7]
  • Fixed: Remove deprecated share button (#3496) [5af149f8]
  • Bump: nf-launcher@22.08.0-edge [786d43be]

22.1.8 - 8 Aug 2022

  • Fixed: Resume functionality on Google Life Sciences (#3539) [5b389773]

22.2.1 - 5 Aug 2022

  • Feat: Unmount FSx lustre filesystem on SPOT instance termination
  • Fixed: Escape qstat command for Altair PBS batch scheduler
  • Fixed: Improve SSH connector resilience + UGE qstat
  • Fixed: Patch invalid job transition to unknown status

22.1.7 - 25 Jul 2022

  • Improved: SSH connector resilience + UGE qstat [755b6ce4][8e876d22]

22.2.0 - 15 Jul 2022

Breaking Changes
  • The MySql DB driver com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver has been replaced by org.mariadb.jdbc.Driver
  • Env variable TOWER_DB_DRIVER referencing the first should be changed with the latter
Other Changes
  • Feat: Added support for Illumina DRAGEN
  • Feat: Added support to mysql8
  • Feat: Allow access remote pipelines via Tower Agent
  • Feat: Feature 3025 reports download limit
  • Feat: Adds used datasets tab to run details page
  • Feat: Add support for redis password
  • Feat: Pipeline reports index page
  • Feat: Feature 2663 / Labels
  • Feat: Add support for AWS CodeCode repositories
  • Feat: runName filled with random run name by default if not in relaunch mode
  • Feat: Allow the ability to send cluster options from head queue to child nodes
  • Feat: Add advanced search capabilities to runs page
  • Fixed: Error when trying to remove unexistent csv renderer options component
  • Fixed: Invalid escape of blank chars in URL [ci fast]
  • Fixed: Issue download report with blanks
  • Fixed: Nginx proxy pass decoding
  • Fixed: Solves #3077 by modifying the validation logic
  • Fixed: Set dataset file mime type depending on file extension
  • Fixed: Use mdiag command to check MOAB platform
  • Fixed: Do not force a file at default branch when creating a pipeline
  • Fixed: Suggest valid runName when launcher resumes
  • Fixed: Populate timestamps for partial workflow progress updates
  • Fixed: Enable maintainers to create workspace secrets
  • Fixed: Prevent infinite redirection when landingUrl = applicationUrl
  • Fixed: Change MOAB queue status command
  • Fixed: Hide workflow run datasets tab in the personal workspace context
  • Fixed: Add the support for USR2 signal for grid providers launcher script
  • Fixed: Fix perms for encrypted bucket
  • Fixed: Missing dataset in workflow run page
  • Fixed: 3309 compute environment not visible when viewing actions
  • Fixed: Multiple dropdown menus remain when selecting
  • Fixed: IllegalArgumentException on empty config file
  • Fixed: Can't relaunch failed workflow without commit
  • Fixed: Cancel button malfunctions in most menus where elements get added
  • Fixed: Prevent the deletion of a CE when the status is CREATING.
  • Fixed: Produce two different entries for custom user config and optimized config
  • Fixed: Tweak: remove "None" item from select inputs when the field is required
  • Fixed: Fixed the case when optimization config was not shown for workflow details page
  • Fixed: Disallow relative path workdir
  • Fixed: Use NotFound exception at Google LS provider
  • Chore: Update ENVIRONMENT*VARIABLE_NAME regex to allow NXF* env variables
  • Chore: Update computeJobRole and headJobRole validation
  • Chore: Bump ebs-autoscale to version 2.4.6-6ce65d32 [ci fast]
  • Chore: Add KMS permissions required by EBS autoscale
  • Chore: Upgrade to Micronaut 3.4.x
  • Chore: Typography sync between tower and design
  • Full Changelog: v22.1.5-enterprise...v22.2.0-rc0-enterprise

22.1.6 - 15 Jul 2022

  • Patch invalid job transition to unknown status [5ac1a4fd]

22.1.5 - 7 Jun 2022

  • Fixed: Perms for encrypted bucket [96f00f39]
  • Add the support for USR2 signal to launcher script [40c4ab68]

22.1.4 - 1 Jun 2022

  • Enable maintainers to create workspace secrets [2d1a225f]
  • Forward revision when creating a pipeline (#3203) [2ff2f171]
  • Change MOAB queue status command (#3219) [4eda7f90]

22.1.3 - 18 May 2022

  • Update Nextflow to 22.04.3
  • Bump: nf-launcher:j17-22.04.3
  • Bump: nf-jdk:corretto-11.0.15_up1

22.1.2 - 9 May 2022

  • Fixed: Add KMS permissions required by EBS autoscale with encrypted volumes [387ed6c3]
  • Fixed: Update HTTP content security policy to allow host URLs for frames and workers [327b27ac]
  • Fixed: Minor navigation error when removing unexistent CSV renderer component [a501225c]
  • Fixed: Issue downloading a report with containing a blank character [70ab2033]
  • Fixed: Nginx proxy pass decoding break query parameters with blank character [48a2ef6b]
  • Fixed: Kubernetes control plan URL only allow host name [1b4b1240][da552afc]
  • Bump: ebs-autoscale to version 2.4.6-6ce65d32 [d52de172]

22.1.1 - 25 Apr 2022

  • Added: EBS encrypt role policy at AWS forge creation (#2817) [ci fast]
  • Added: TOWER_ENABLE_UNSAFE_MODE setting to allow cookies over HTTP (#3023) [69100d51]
  • Improved: Cloud price download logs [a0e69b57]
  • Fixed: Azcopy cache commands (#3022) [4932a54d]
  • Fixed: AES regular expression [a7b1ed02]
  • Fixed: Update CSP to allow captcha frame [a984ec39]
  • Fixed: Download of task log files (#3004) [3389a8d7]
  • Fixed: Dataset table is not rendered in Safari [ab297ff4]
  • Fixed: Avoid analytics service making calls when there's no analytics URL (#2991) [fd56afab]
  • Fixed: NF version in welcome page [c5c8492c]
  • Allow NXF env variables (#3026) [553015d8]
  • Remove log trace from workflow limiter [64f8161e]
  • Bump: nf-launcher:j17-22.04.0 [9e55c873]
  • Bump: nf-jdk:corretto-11.0.15 as base image [1832c282]

22.1.0 - 12 Apr 2022

  • Added: Secure cookies [e28a3388]
  • Added: GetLogsEvents perm to AWS Batch instance role [04b18668]
  • Added: Credentials view page [f3c63483]
  • Added: ECS pull strategy in user-data template [e1b4914a]
  • Added: Root users environment when TOWER_ROOT_USERS variable is provided [e09db3e5]
  • Added: Tower system message
  • Added: Support for JSON formatted logs [92122adb]
  • Added: Support for AWS agent and logging [6e68fd98][c080e9d4]
  • Added: Navigate back button to second level screens (#2578) (#2623) (5 weeks ago)
  • Added: Validation for SSH hostname and username [d0115de0][efb962bf]
  • Added: Config option to disable user private workspace [9e667bc0]
  • Added: Share run deprecation banner
  • Improved: Secrets obfuscation in log file [7e52c76b]
  • Improved: EBS autoscaling [fe7fe728]
  • Fixed: Job status is updated in the in-memory tracker before running the job in the local CE platform (#2460) (3 months ago)
  • Fixed: Normalize dataset name [fcbe417d]
  • Fixed: Allow dot in AWS ARN string [d5c5cd9e]
  • Fixed: Issue with K8s compute env stalling in creating status [72c03cd9]
  • Fixed: Set cookie acceptance cookie path to / e2e [ba0cae7a]
  • Fixed: EFS and FSx permission when job run with non-root user (#2659) [0e169bb9]
  • Fixed: Reports at grid and agent platforms [ba397137]
  • Fixed: Load SLURM CE details in view mode [80cc0e9b]
  • Fixed: Display dates with YYYY-MM-DD format on runs page [830606af]
  • Fixed: Unable to download execution log from a workflow with working directory specified just as "bucket" name [d025917c]
  • Fixed: Prevent the creation of Spot fleet role [95acea2c]
  • Fixed: Prevent deletion of an active workflow run [ba1f1ce9]
  • Fixed: Prevent XSS attacks when uploading a datatable file [#2944] (6d98210c)
  • Allow partial searches [b8788b38]
  • Allow the use S3 bucket work dir along with EFS or FSx mounts [368d5caa]
  • Upload encrypted files at AWS S3 [40b87a2e]
  • Use default listening port (80) [a64852d9]
  • Increase tower config max size to 3500 character [a01ee72c]
  • Disable resume for failed workflows [3c2c7ad3]
  • Set max length validator to the workflow launch form fields [5326114b]
  • Check valid EFS and FSx mount points [633fdcd8]
  • Make Dataset api public (#2240) [2fd32c51]
  • Increase agent websockets payload size to 5Mb [5f3e5428]
  • 484005bd - Always retry NF process when using AWS sport instances
  • fe7fe728 - Improve EBS autoscaling (8 days ago)
  • 8dc800c2 - feature: improve parse the pipeline schema
  • Default to Nextflow DSL version 1 [e88a3e59]
  • 8759d92e - Validate launch/relaunch action depending the user role
  • Upgrade Angular 13
  • Upgrade Micronaut 3.x (#2364)
  • Upgrade logback to version 1.2.8 (#2418)
  • Bump: log4js from 6.3.0 to 6.4.0 in /tower-web (#2535)
  • Bump: base image nf-jdk:corretto-11.0.14_2
  • Bump: nf-launcher 22.03.1-edge
  • Bump: base image nf-jdk:corretto-11.0.14_2 [ci fast] [d6113805]

21.12.3 - 31 Mar 2022

  • Bump base image nf-jdk:corretto-11.0.14_2 [8cc71b91]

21.12.2 - 31 Mar 2022

  • Fixed: Issue with K8s compute env stalling in creating status [3745e793]
  • Fixed: Upload encrypted files at AWS S3 [716d2938]
  • Fixed: EFS/FSx permission when using non-root container (#2659) [002f4426]
  • Create /.nextflow folder in backend container [333a8a68]
  • Bump: nf-launcher:j17-21.10.6 [8b3d6490]

21.12.1 - 3 Feb 2022

  • Fixed: Reports endpoint exception on NF CLI workflows [c310c3cf]
  • Disable H8 stats verbose logging [7e5e08b0]
  • Enable root users environment when TOWER_ROOT_USERS variable is provided [390e079a]

21.12.0 - 17 Jan 2022

  • Added: Shared workspace feature
  • Added: Pipeline reports feature [preview]
  • Added: Dataset public APIs
  • Added: Tower agent reverse connection
  • Added: Dataset API public ci fast [942f3f4e3]
  • Fixed: Auto-normalize inline credentials name (#2405) [9d5453716]
  • Fixed: Prevent making multiple get pipeline info requests in workflow launch form ci skip [e21619bd1]
  • Fixed: Set Launch.resumeLaunchId only if it's a resume. (#2427) [a784e635b]
  • Fixed: Possible connectionId null reference exception ci skip
  • Updated: Resources descriptions [538069df9]
  • Prevent the use of master as default branch (#2499) [791f45a11]
  • Allow the use of S3 as work directory when using EFS and FSx mounts [6199d8fd6]
  • Display dates with YYYY-MM-DD format on runs page [5d2f3215a]
  • Change email template office address [5edfa3a26]
  • Increase agent websockets payload size to 5Mb [4ce9af8f2]
  • Bump: nf-launcher 21.10.4 based on correto:17.0.1 based image

21.10.3 - 3 Feb

  • Enabled: root users environment when TOWER_ROOT_USERS variable is provided [0ba7190e0]


21.10.2 - 10 Dec

  • Fixed: NPE error when marking unknown status
  • Bump: nf-launcher 21.10.5

21.10.1 - 8 Dec

!!! note "" The 21.10.x release series starts with v21.10.1

  • Added: Container registry creds for Azure
  • Added: Datasets feature
  • Added: Support custom CE environment variables
  • Added: New Workflows Runs list page
  • Added: Support for custom landing page
  • Added: Display job info on workflow general panel (#2142) (#2151)
  • Improved: landing page config #1996 #748
  • Fixed: Make hidden params a part of pipeline input form even if not shown + small fix (#2134)
  • Fixed: Validate final values of config properties on startup (#2100)
  • Fixed: Redisson default connection pool size (#2229)
  • Fixed: Return a bad request when workspaceId is not parsable (#2220) #2205
  • Fixed: Race condition on repo pull (#2110)
  • Fixed: Grid platform default launch dir (#2037)
  • Fixed: Redirect to the Runs page after launch (#2057)
  • Fixed: Discard deleted entities from name validation queries and rename them (#2052)
  • Fixed: Download hangs when streaming a S3 file (#2005)
  • Hide ebsBlockSize field from AWS manual config (#2004)
  • Make hidden params a part of pipeline input form even if not shown + small fix (#2134)
  • Parallelize Az metadata retrieval
  • Refactor Google LifeScience head job execution (#1981)
  • Make sure to authenticate the Google storage (#1984)
  • Use amazoncorretto:11.0.13 as base image
  • Minor schema fetching improvement (#2183)
  • Make sure the workflows list query returns the workflows in a workspace even if they have been starred by other users (#2174)
  • Bump: nf-launcher 21.10.4

21.06.5 - 10 Dec

  • Increasing the throttling rate on the ECS agent metadata endpoint (#2338) [51a519691]
  • Bump nf-launcher 21.10.5

21.06.4 - 25 Nov

  • Increasing the throttling rate on the ECS agent metadata endpoint (#2338)
  • Bump: nf-launcher 21.10.3

21.06.3 - 19 Nov

  • Bump: nf-launcher 21.10.1

21.06.2 - 5 Oct

  • Fixed: Race condition on repo pull when using Kubernetes platform (#2110) [90b1dbe7c]
  • Fixed: Altair infoCli method [f5226d03d]
  • Hide ebsBlockSize field from aws manual config (#2004) [24650f47c]
  • Connection pool properties log can leak sensitive data [1878a2e4f]
  • Changing workspace multiple requests fix (#1985) [5f66be4b0]
  • Make sure to authenticate the Google storage (#1984) [398897422]

21.06.1 - 27 Aug

  • Fixed: OpenId attributes blows up response header [7b3c5ae58]
  • Fixed: Mention in the Get started page how setup Tower workspace id [b16ead35a]
  • Fixed: Tune AWS client caching timeout f4ffe10d5
  • Fixed: Pipeline params JSON parsing on Windows client #1949
  • Fixed: Add better control of cron/redis config (#1944) [45579b5bd]
  • Fixed: DB migration detected table on foreign schema - Bump migtool 1.0.2 705c905db
  • Fixed: For the case when blur event handler was executed before chip selection event handler #1932
  • Fixed: Bug 1926/Modify bootDiskSize Config Param #1931

21.06.0 - 26 Jul

  • Added: Support for AWS Host credentials and role-based permissions
  • Added: Support for AWS EFS storage
  • Added: Ability to specify custom AWS CLI path
  • Added: AWS regions eu-south-1 and af-south-1
  • Added: uploadChunkSize configuration parameter to abstract k8 provider (#1820)
  • Fixed: Launch form pipelineParameters after navigating to pipeline input form (#1847)
  • Fixed: Error report for missing invalid/creds
  • Fixed: GitHub action creation
  • Fixed: Prevent GitHub delete action hook exception
  • Display team ID in team page
  • Disable index.html caching in nginx.config
  • Limit compute env error message length
  • Invalidate compute envs associated to deleted credentials
  • Bump: Nextflow launcher 21.04.3
  • Bump: groovy 3.0.8

21.04.9 - 2 Aug

  • Fixed: Nextflow plugins deps

21.04.8 - 14 Jul

  • Improved: Error report for missing/invalid AWS creds [b5c550236]
  • Do not trigger config profiles field reset after patching the workflow launch form (#1836) [f863c8cbb]

21.04.7 - 21 Jun

  • Added: Head service account to deployment pod (#1773) [6e0e7281f]
  • Parse profiles using the correct revision at launch time (#1572) [e78eda2f2]

21.04.6 - 21 Jun

  • Fixed: GitHub action creation (#1721) [b24f0cfb8]
  • Fixed: The case when the dropdown was over-shadowing other fields (#1714) [baacf92cc]
  • Change schema and default params usage (#1737) [f938c7236]
  • K8s use deployment for service pod (#1735) [1af27810c]

21.04.5 - 8 Jun

  • Fixed: Action update settings (#1679) [a485c5d75]
  • K8s head pod custom specs (#1668) [d82a864c8]
  • Allow selecting empty values for schema dropdown fields (#1674) [d27e5b905]

21.04.4 - 3 Jun

  • Fixed: Missing scm server and platform 3dc89ece5

21.04.3 - 2 Jun

  • Fixed: Pattern test validator when the value is empty (#1652) [3cc2923ec]
  • Fixed: Navigation dropdown display when user has no CreateOrganization permission (#1655) [5018fd956]

21.04.2 - 1 Jun

  • Fixed: FSx creation failure

21.04.1 - 31 May

  • Added: Timeout on AWS Forge waiters
  • Added: Log response to UI error message (#1602) [2d705289c]
  • Added: Support for BitBucket server [8c09241e3]
  • Fixed: Admin project security vulnerabilities (#1637) [972255faf]
  • Fixed: Missing GitLab token creds (#1631) [c188a76b2]
  • Fixed: Action launch user (#1615) #1611 [691fe4c9d]
  • Use RegExp.test for json schema pattern validation + small pipeline input form fix (#1619) [d9d2cd317]
  • Reorganized login page (#1635) [9a46f393a]
  • Do not config mail proxy using global proxy settings (#1626) [e1c8b1dab]

21.04.0 - 21 May

  • New organizations feature
  • New teams feature
  • New workspace feature
  • New launchpad feature
  • Added: Support for private Git repositories
  • Added: Support for Nextflow timeline downloads
  • Fixed: Issues with Compute environment status reporting
  • Updated: Nextflow runtime to version 21.04.0

21.02.5 - 12 May

  • Fixed: S3 log downloads when using fusion feature

21.02.4 - 29 Apr

  • Bump Nexflow 21.04.0-edge required to fix BitBucket server

21.02.3 - 21 Apr

  • Fixed: Cloud price downloader using Seqera Labs endpoint
  • Fixed: Error message when S3 bucket is not accessible

21.02.2 - 14 Apr

  • Fixed: Missing commit ID when resuming execution fails to start

21.02.1 - 12 Apr

  • Fixed: Support for custom bitbucket servers
  • Bump: Nextflow launcher 21.04.0-edge

21.02.0 - 16 Mar

  • Added: Azure Batch provider
  • Added: Altair PBS pro provider
  • Added: sessionId to workflows search-box criteria
  • Added: Support for multiple GLS zones
  • Added: Grid provider head job options
  • Added: Support for AWS Batch cost percentage
  • Added: Azure Batch Forge
  • Added: Support for Grid Engine batch scheduler
  • Added: K8s service pod
  • Added: Support for Tower license
  • Improved: Detection of NF config profiles #1074
  • Fixed: Issue on work dir path composition with ending slash
  • Fixed: Issue when retrieving non-existing file via SSH/SCP
  • Fixed: Issue resolving non-canonical GitHub/Gitlab project name #353
  • Fixed: Issue with AWS Batch allocation strategy #931
  • Fixed: Phantom job unknown status
  • Fixed: Prevent requeuing of mail with invalid addresses
  • Fixed: Issue on creating AWS CE with manual config
  • Updated: Backend base image to corretto:11.0.10
  • Updated: nf-launcher to 21.03.0-edge
  • Upgrade to Angular 11
  • Use Kubernetes Java-client 10.0.1

20.12.4 - 23 March

  • Added: Support for AWS Marketplace

20.12.2 - Feb 16

  • Fixed: Phantom job status
  • Fixed: Invalid email rejection

20.12.1 - 21 Jan

  • Fixed: Head job submission to head queue when using batch schedulers eg. Slurm, GridEngine, LSF

20.12.0 - 11 Jan

  • Added: Support for Kubernetes clusters
  • Added: Support for AWS EKS clusters
  • Added: Support for Google GKE clusters
  • Added: Support for Launch stub-run feature
  • Added: AWS Batch Fusion mounts
  • Improved: System security
  • Upgraded: Java runtime to version 11
  • Upgraded: Micronaut runtime to version 2.1
  • Upgraded: Nextflow launcher to version 20.12.0-edge
  • Enhanced security, API uses bearer auth

20.10.4 - 11 Jan

  • Improved: SSH client debugging
  • Fixed: Backend container security


20.10.3 - 30 Nov

  • Fixed: Migration tool when using MariaDB
  • Fixed: Execution issue with Batch forge when creating a new FSx file system
  • Fixed: Invalid warn message

20.10.2 - 2 Nov

  • Added: Support for TOWER_LAUNCH_CONTAINER env var [6fd06581f]
  • Fixed: EBS autoexpand volume issue + add ebs block size [cbdb8b1af]
  • Disable cache on problematic cached query (#608) [11ef28e10]
  • Allow pre-run script to modify launch env [56ed5cca1]

20.10.1 - 27 Oct

  • Updated: Nextflow launcher container

20.10.0 - 22 Oct

  • Added: Workflow sharing feature
  • Added: Support for Slurm batch cluster
  • Added: Support for IBM LSF batch cluster
  • Added: Customizable navbar menu
  • Added: Built-in support for MariaDB
  • Added: Built-in support for Google SSO
  • Added: Auth allow-list emails
  • Improved: System security
  • Updated: Java mail 1.6.2

20.08.0 - 28 Aug

  • Added: Support for AWS FSx mount name to Launch feature
  • Added: Batch Forge option to to Launch feature
  • Added: Support for GPU instances to Launch feature
  • Added: Execution and tasks logs view and downloads features
  • Added: Support for Compute env AWS advanced options
  • Added: Compute environment primary option feature
  • Added: Pipeline Actions
  • Added: Support for GA4GH WES API (beta)
  • Added: Status & process name filtering to dashboard
  • Added: Favicon for dark theme
  • Added: Login pass-through mechanism
  • Improved: Workflow general stats tooltips
  • Fixed: AWS Batch workflow cancellation
  • Fixed: Issue when launching projects w/o config file
  • Fixed: Issue on port and scheme forwarding
  • Fixed: Local repositories configuration issue
  • Updated: Launch base image to AWS corretto:262
  • Updated: MN version 1.3.7

20.06.1 - 12 Aug

  • Fixed: Reverse proxy scheme and port forwarding when using local Docker environment

20.06.0 - 16 Jun

  • Added: Pipeline Launch feature
  • Added: Pipeline execution cancellation
  • Added: Tomcat DB connection pool
  • Improved: UI look and feel
  • Improved: security
  • Improved: OAuth login
  • Upgraded: Micronaut runtime to 1.3.3

20.05.1 - 12 May

  • Add: TOWER_SECURITY_LOGLEVEL env variable for security module debugging
  • Path OpenID connect upgrading MN security to 1.2.3

20.05.0 - 28 Apr

  • Added: Support for OpenId connect
  • Added: Limit to max records returned
  • Improved: K8s deployment descriptors
  • Fixed: Critical issue saving tasks
  • Fixed: Invalid tag deserialization error