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Version: 23.2.0

General summary and run status

General summary

The General panel displays top-level information about a pipeline run:

  • Unique workflow run ID
  • Workflow run name
  • Timestamp of pipeline start
  • Project revision and Git commit ID
  • Nextflow session ID
  • Username of the launcher
  • Work directory path
  • Container image
  • Executor
  • Compute environment details
  • Resource labels
  • Nextflow version

You can hover over each item with the cursor to show a description. Hovering over the compute environment also shows more details about that compute environment.

Task status

The Status panel provides a real-time summary of all tasks in the pipeline run.

The possible task statuses can be described as follows:

  • pending: the task has been created but not yet submitted to an executor
  • submitted: the task has been submitted to an executor but is not yet running
  • running: the task has been launched by an executor (the exact meaning of "running" may vary for each executor)
  • cached: a previous (and valid) execution of the task was found and used instead of executing the task again
  • completed: the task completed successfully
  • failed: the task failed