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Version: 24.1.1

Seqera Platform

Seqera Platform is the centralized command post for the management of Nextflow data pipelines. It offers monitoring, logging, and observability for distributed workflows and simplifies the deployment of pipelines on any cloud, cluster, or laptop.

Users can launch pre-configured pipelines with ease, while the flexible API provides programmatic integration to meet the needs of organizations building on Seqera Platform. Workflow developers can publish pipelines to shared workspaces and administrators can set up and manage the infrastructure required to run data analysis at scale.

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What is Nextflow?

Nextflow is a framework for the development of data workflows. It enables engineers and data scientists to create and securely deploy custom, parallel data applications to the cloud or traditional on-premises infrastructure. Nextflow is characterized by its powerful dataflow programming paradigm and execution engines that allow for transparent deployment.

Nextflow is both a programming workflow language and an execution runtime that supports a wide range of execution platforms, including popular traditional grid scheduling systems such as Slurm and IBM LSF, and cloud services such as AWS Batch and Google Cloud Life Sciences.

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