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Version: 23.3.0


The Seqera Platform Dashboard, accessed from the user menu, provides an overview of runs in your personal and organization workspaces.

Filters and summary

The Dashboard view defaults to all organizations and workspaces you can access. Select the View dropdown menu to filter by specific organizations and workspaces, or to view statistics for your personal workspace only.

You can filter by time, including a custom date range of up to 12 months. To filter the set of runs, select Filter. When a filter is applied, the button icon and color changes.

Export data

Select Export data in the filter panel near the top of the page to export dashboard data, based on the filters you have applied, in a CSV file.

Runs per organization

Run totals for your selected filters are displayed for each organization that you have access to.

Depending on the filter selected, each card details a separate workspace or organization. Total runs for each organization are arranged by workspace and status.

For a detailed view of runs, you can do one of the following:

  • Select a run integer value in the table to navigate to a run list filtered by the status and time range selected.
  • Select a workspace name in the table to navigate to a run list filtered by the workspace selected.