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Version: 23.2.0

Launch form

Pipeline launch form

The Launch Form can be used for launching pipelines and for adding pipelines to the Launchpad.

To launch a pipeline:

  1. Select Start Quick Launch in the navigation bar. The Launch Form will appear.

  2. Select a Compute Environment from the available options.

    Visit the Compute Environment documentation to learn how to create an environment for your preferred execution platform.

  3. Enter a repository URL for the Pipeline to launch (e.g.

Nextflow pipelines are just Git repositories and they can reside on any public or private Git-hosting platform. See Git Integration in the Tower docs and Pipeline Sharing in the Nextflow docs for more details.

  1. You can select a Revision number to use a specific version of the pipeline.

    The Git default branch (e.g. main or master) or manifest.defaultBranch in the Nextflow configuration will be used by default.

  2. Enter the Work directory, which corresponds to the Nextflow work directory.

    The default work directory of the compute environment will be used by default.

The credentials associated with the compute environment must be able to access the work directory (e.g. an S3 bucket).

  1. Select any Config profiles you would like to use.

    Visit the Nextflow Config profiles documentation for more details.

  2. Enter any Pipeline parameters in YAML or JSON format.

    YAML example:

    reads: 's3://nf-bucket/exome-data/ERR013140_{1,2}.fastq.bz2'
    paired_end: true

In YAML, quotes should be used for paths but not for numbers or Booleans.

  1. Select Launch to launch the pipeline.