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Version: 22.4.0



Organizations are the top-level structure and contain Workspaces, Members, Teams, and Collaborators.

Create an organization

To create a new organization:

  1. Navigate to Your organizations and select Add Organization.

  2. Enter a Name and Full name for your organization.

    The organization name must follow a specific pattern. Refer to the UI for guidance.

  3. Enter any other optional fields as needed: Description, Location, Website URL and Logo.

  4. Select Add.

You can view the list of all Members, Teams, and Collaborators in an organization on the organization's page. You can also edit any of the optional fields by selecting Edit from the organizations page or by selecting the Settings tab from the organization's page, provided that you are an Owner of the organization.


Once an organization is created, the user who created the organization is the default owner of that organization. It is also possible to invite or add other members as well.

Tower provides access control for members of an organization by classifying them either as an Owner or a Member. Each organization can have multiple owners and members.

Owners have full read/write access to modify members, teams, collaborators, and settings within a organization. Members are limited in their actions.

Create a new member

To add a new member to an organization:

  1. Go to the Members tab of the organization menu
  2. Click on Invite member
  3. Enter the email ID of user you'd like to add to the organization

An e-mail invitiation will be sent which needs to be accepted by the user. Once they accept the invitation, they can switch to the organization (or organization workspace) using their workspace dropdown.


Collaborators are users who are invited to an organization's workspace, but are not members of that organization. As a result, their access is limited to only within that workspace.

New collaborators to an organization's workspace can be added using Participants. To learn more about the various available access levels for Participants, please refer to the participant roles section.

Collaborators can only be added from a workspace. For more information, see workspace management.


Teams allow the organization owners to group members and collaborators together into a single unit and to manage them as a whole.

Create a new team

To create a new team within an organization:

  1. Go to the Teams tab of the organization menu
  2. Click on New team
  3. Enter the Name of team
  4. Optionally, add the Description and the team's Avatar
  5. For the newly created team, click on View
  6. Click on Add team member and type in the name of the organization members or collaborators